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About Us

mSeer is a privately funded company located in Orlando, FL, USA. At mSeer, we believe that mobile phone calendar sharing should be as easy as making a phone call. We understand that the usage pattern and calendar sharing experience is different when using a mobile phone, and that is why we developed a calendar sharing technology that is suitable for mobile phones. Developing innovative solutions to advance the use of mobile phones for multiple purposes is mSeer's ultimate goal.

mSeer is a member of Forum Nokia PRO, a program that provides advanced technical, business development and marketing support to select mobile software companies. A select number of companies worldwide who demonstrate industry leadership are chosen as Forum Nokia PRO members. As a member of Forum Nokia PRO, mSeer receives:

  • early access to Nokia technology
  • close integration of its software with Nokia devices
  • specialized service and support provided by Nokia to help mSeer stand out in the marketplace
  • the opportunity to further strengthen its relationship with Nokia
  • benefits through Nokia's extensive worldwide software distribution channels
  • invitations to participate in valuable co-marketing activities

Our Partners

AT&T Nokia Ovi Forum Nokia Pro
Blackberry T-Mobile USA SingTel
AirTel Optus Orange Belgium
Sony Ericsson Samsung Samsung
Handango 3 Australia

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