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See-Fi™ Personal Edition

Want to get together with your contacts on short notice? Not sure who is available?

Problems sharing your mobile phone calendar in real-time with your contacts because:
  1. Your contacts belong to a different business and are not connected to a common server?

  2. You have to upload your phone calendar to a server before sharing?

  3. Your contacts do not have the same mobile service or phone as you?

Frustrated with email and phone tag to schedule meetings?

See-Fi helps you to share your mobile phone calendar with designated contacts, customers, business affiliates, and partners. With See-Fi you can instantly lookup schedule availability of multiple people across businesses, and schedule appointments in real-time without back and forth emails/calls, and without forcing anyone to upload calendar to any server. See-Fi solves schedule conflicts, improves productivity and simplifies everyday essentials.

In social scenarios, See-Fi helps you to keep your social networking connections strong by enabling you to share your mobile phone calendar with your chosen family and friends. You can instantly check their availability and make plans to catch a movie or a weekend outing.

By leveraging the ubiquity of text messaging, See-Fi enables direct phone-to-phone calendar sharing among designated contacts even if they are not connected to a common server and even if they have different mobile phones.

See-Fi is suited for families, friends, co-workers, sports groups, play groups, soccer/hockey moms and members of any other existing social groups who would like to meet on short notice. Members of these social groups can instantly check the availability of their peers and make plans to get together. For families, See-Fi helps to keep track of family’s schedules right from their phones.

You can use See-Fi even if your contacts have different phones or different mobile service because See-Fi enables direct phone-to-phone (peer-to-peer) calendar sharing, and all they need is See-Fi on their phones. For carrier/country specific restrictions please see below.

  • Instantly lookup schedule availability without a flurry of back and forth emails/calls
  • Schedule events with multiple people
  • Coordinate and organize schedules with your contacts in real-time
  • Eliminates email and phone tag
  • Does not force you or your contacts to upload calendar to any server
  • No need to synchronize your calendar with a server before sharing
  • Activity Log to track all interactions such as who viewed your calendar and who has made appointments with you
  • No intrusion to privacy; You decide who can access your calendar; Your appointment details are never shared.
  • Converts an ordinary mobile phone into your Personal Assistant
  • Automatically responds to schedule lookup and appointment requests by your contacts - very convenient while driving, in meetings, or when you are away from your phone

See-Fi is a direct phone-to-phone (peer-to-peer) mutual calendar sharing and scheduling tool using text/SMS messaging. Text messaging charges apply. Carrier restrictions may apply in some instances. Particularly, in USA, you and your contacts with whom you would like to share your phone calendar should belong to the same wireless carrier.