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See-Fi Business Use Cases

Sales Executive's Dilemma:
A sales executive is managing over 50 accounts. To be most effective, she needs to be in touch with the clients, schedule meetings and entertain them for lunch or dinner. She has to juggle her schedule around theirs, sending emails, waiting ‘indefinitely’ for responses and schedule meetings after they respond. To make matters worst, last minute cancellations are a norm and she needs to find replacements in short notice.

With See-Fi, right from her phone, she can instantly lookup schedules of multiple clients and schedule meetings. Above all, without a flurry of back and forth emails/calls, she can meet her clients around her schedule and easily accommodate last minute changes.

Event Planner's Everyday Chore:
Event Planners, by definition, are mobile. As they travel between office, client locations, event locations and home, they need easy-to-use solutions to effectively manage their schedules, meet with multiple vendors and provide exceptional customer service. Since all of their vendors are on different schedules, getting them together to organize an event is one of the most time consuming and laborious tasks. These vendors are small businesses and do not have a common IT infrastructure.

See-Fi helps event planners and their vendors to share their mobile phone calendar. Event planners can instantly check their vendors’ and clients’ calendar, and schedule meetings to work out event details. See-Fi saves time and effort by automating an otherwise cumbersome task.

Managing Tour Guides:
An adventure tour company in Hawaii works with independent tour guides to cater the needs of their clients. Due to the nature of the work, the tour guides cannot carry laptops and connect to a server as they will be working remotely. Managing the schedules of tour guides is an important part of the business.

See-Fi provides a very cost effective solution to efficiently manage the schedules of tour guides and cater sudden demands during tourist season. Since all the tour guides carry their mobile phones, it is much easier for their owners to remotely manage their schedules, update calendar and assign tour groups.

Scheduling Patients:
A Sports Medicine Physical Therapist provides at-home patient physical therapy. Her job function involves driving to patients homes and providing therapy on a one-on-one basis. She gets several phone calls a day from her clients enquiring her schedule availability. Because of her work, she cannot take phone calls when she is attending to a patient. When she is between clients, she spends most of her time returning phone calls and frequently ends up in phone tags. She is frustrated and her clients complain that they cannot reach her in time.

With See-Fi, her clients can lookup her schedule from their phones. Now they can see when she is available and make appointments right from their phones. She doesn’t have to answer or return phone calls anymore. Her clients are happy that they can pick and choose a time that works for them. She is happy because her clients are happy. See-Fi has made it easier for everyone.

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